What we offer

Signetic helps pharmacies and public health organizations engage patients, provide clinical services, and grow their business through a user-friendly electronic health record (EHR) system. This comprehensive solution streamlines workflows, from scheduling appointments and delivering care to reporting and reimbursement for clinical services.

Simplified Appointment Management

Patients can easily manage their appointments, including the ability to reschedule or move appointments to different dates. The system will automatically update customer service accordingly.

Convenient Access to New Services

Signetic offers new services that are typically sought after by customers who would otherwise have to travel long distances. This saves customers time and effort by providing access to these services locally.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

Patients can save time by spending less time filling out forms with government agencies. Signetic's system helps automate and simplify these administrative tasks, allowing patients to focus on their healthcare. Additionally, the billing system ensures that healthcare providers receive faster and timely payments for their services.

Signetic’s Key Features



Flexible appointment scheduling for any dates, locations, or clinical services.


Clinical Services

From medication therapy management to immunizations and health screenings, enhance patient care with our clinical services solutions.



Eligibility checks by patients or staff decrease claims errors and increase opportunity for reimbursement.



Automatic appointment reminders through email and SMS decreases missed appointments.



Digitized and centralized medical information, enabling easy access, enhanced accuracy, and efficient coordination among healthcare providers.



Automatically report to state immunization registry and CDC Report Stream as needed.


Medical Billing

Automatic claim creation and submission to payers through our clearinghouse. Providers are reimbursed directly.


Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions tailored specifically to the needs of pharmacies.



Guidance and support for credentialing with payers for clinical services you’d like to offer.


HIPAA Compliant

Completely HIPAA compliant, covering personal health information storage, patient engagement, and clinician touch points.


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